About Us

Cal Nevada Precision Blasting is a leader in the precision blasting industry and has prided itself in providing professional, efficient, and timely explosive services. Since our founding in 1986, CNPB has developed a reputation for safety and excellence in this specialized market throughout Nevada and California.

Based in Carson City, Nevada, Cal Nevada Precision Blasting has a strong reputation for carrying out the most demanding projects safely and legally; practicing the guidlines required by city, county, state and federal agencies, including MSHA and ATF. Furthermore CNPB has been accident free since founded in 1986.

Our company has a fleet of drills ranging from small pioneering rigs, to down the hole hammer drills and everything in between.

We look forward to serving you with all your blasting needs.

Cal Nevada Precision Blasting is proud to be apart of the Local Laborers Union 169.